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Veeam's backup and replication technology protects more than 10.5 million virtual servers in more than 200,000 users. Data protection has experienced an evolution from classic daily back-to-back replication to real-time data replication. The need to save backups at a remote location is the easiest and most reliable solution to backing up the cloud. Services' operation prerequisite is only an Internet connection.

data protection evolution

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Backup as a Service - BaaS

The data is copied from your location to the Veeam repository at the Megatrend Data Center location. Veeam Cloud Connect integrates the cloud backup repository directly into your Veeam backup console and you manage all processes. If necessary, it is possible to restore every single file or an entire virtual server.

3-2-1 Backup policy:

For a high-quality backup, you need three copies of data, stored in two different media, and one copy must be on another location. Backup storage to a remote location poses a challenge to network communications, increasing data volumes, resources needed to build and maintain remote locations. With Veeam Cloud Connect you can accomplish a 3-2-1 backup policy without any additional investment.

Hosting of remote backup:

Save data to remote repository with secure SSL connection and no additional Veeam licenses.


Access and restore data directly from your Veeam console.

Modern backup architecture:

Take advantage of advanced Veeam backup technology using WAN acceleration, forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) data retention rules and much more - all embedded in one solution.

End to end encryption:

The data is encrypted at source - before leaving your network and encrypted in the transfer and at a remote location, with no negative effects on compression and accelerating WAN communication.

Register and build the best service configuration for your business>

Disaster recovery as a Service - DRaaS

Advanced, „image VM” replication through Veeam Cloud Connect is a simple setup and use service. The service includes:

Cloud host:

Cloud host for DR drive with processor, memory, disk and network resources

Full/Partial site failover:

Full-site failover to work with DR location or partial-site failover for currently activating only certain VM replicas, all over the Veeam console or a secure minimum-step portal.

Full/partial failback:

Return to work from your location.

1-click failover:

Quickly perform a DR procedure or test without ceasing production with the help of a failover plan.

Virtual network devices:

Embedded virtual network devices for simplified network infrastructure and secure communication.

TLS/SSL connection:

Secure and reliable TLS / SSL connection between locations with data encryption. It uses multiple network traffic reduction technologies, including WAN acceleration and replication seeding.



The BaaS Basic Package includes the ability to back up the 5 virtual servers and includes 500 GB of disk space.

Baas & DRaas

BaaS and DRaaS packages are expanded with additional virtual servers (pieces) and disk space (100GB increments) as needed.


The DRaaS basic package includes the ability to make replicas for 5 virtual servers and includes 1,000 GB of disk space.


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